Icon axe

A formidable weapon.
Doctor's House - Behind a locked door
The Church
The Cellar
Item Type Melee Weapon
Item Types
Value 200
Max. Stack
Crafting 1x Icon axe edge 1xIcon stick
5xIcon tape
Repair Cost 2x Icon scrap metal 2xIcon plank
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Notes Suffers durability loss on usage.


Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]
The Axe sports a shorter reach, greater durability, and does a lot more damage than the Board With Nails. Crafting it requires parts, which can be found in containers and chests throughout the map, or can be bought from merchants.
Upgrade Description Cost Effect
Light Materials Less stamina drain. 2xIcon metal pipe1xIcon tape - 30% Stamina Cost
Sharpened More damage. 4xIcon stone 8xIcon scrap metal + x % Damage
Better Materials More durability. 1xIcon metal pipe 8xIcon scrap metal + x % Durability
Sturdy Blade Much higher durability. 1x Icon axe edge 8xIcon scrap metal ≈ +220% Durability

Trivia Edit

  • An Axe can be found in the destroyed house on the way to Doctor's House.
  • Except for the Staff, The Three sell all components required for crafting the weapon, though it takes three days to purchase enough tape.
  • Prior to Alpha 8.0, the Axe and Shovel had identical crafting and upgrade requirements other than the edge, so the player had a choice of primary weapon once they reached that point. Currently, the Axe now requires a workbench level that can't be reached until Chapter 2, while the Shovel has been made into a much slower weapon.