Village (Forest)
Type Minor Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Long Barrel
Medium Caliber Bullet
Photo of the Sow
Madman Scribbles #1
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The Barn is a minor location in The Village.

It's empty, with the exception of a makeshift bed and a number locked chest. The pigs that were likely contained inside now freely roam in the village. The floor is covered in strange drawings and scribbles.

Notable Loot Edit

The bed in the center of the Barn contains a Map marking the location of the Pig Shed on the player's map. There is also a note on the on the floor next to the bed that turns out to be the Madman Scribbles #1 when picked up.

The number-locked chest can be opened with the code, which is spread across the Madman Scribbles #1 and #2. It contains random high-tier loot, and the Photo of the Sow.

Speculation Edit

The Barn was most likely the Pig Farmer's home, who was killed by The Sow before the Protagonist arrived in the Village.

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