Barn Ruins Icon wolfman hideout.png
Wolfman's Hideout.png
Old Woods
Type Major Location
Characters Wolfman
Pretty Lady
Creatures Dog
Huge Dog
Notable loot Bloodstained Shawl
Molotov Cocktail
Key to Wolf's Hideout
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Barn Ruins is one of the largest buildings found in Darkwood.

The complex is a home, or prison, to a massive amount of Dogs. A significant portion of the dogs are injured and sickly, some with very swollen bellies, suggesting either some form of infection/parasites, or advanced stages of pregnancy.

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If the player has handed over the Key Covered in Chicken Feces to Wolfman, he can be found at the far end of the building, and will offer to escort the player to a special location: Road to the Doctor's House.

Wolfman will not be found in the area if the player chooses to give the Key to Musician instead.

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