Bear Trap
Icon bear trap

A trap for bears... and other things.
Spawns randomly
Dry Meadow Hideout
Underground Entrance
Swamp Cottage
Item Type Trap
Item Types
Value 20
Max. Stack
Crafting 3x Icon scrap metal
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Notes Can be placed as a trap. Damages and immobilizes.

15 seconds

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Bear Traps are traps that can be placed almost anywhere on the map. They damage and temporarily immobilize anything that steps on them, including the Protagonist. Besides spawning randomly across the map, they can be found in a few predetermined locations, such as under a window in the Dry Meadow Hideout and (abundantly) in the Swamp Cottage's garden, where they are partially or fully hidden by low vegetation.

Tips Edit

  • Movement keys may be pressed to escape from a bear trap. The escape is quicker if the keys are pressed rapidly.
  • Enemies may be lured toward active traps by running past them. This works particularly well with larger creatures such as the Elk.

Notes Edit

  • Placing Meat in bear traps attracts nearby carnivores.
  • A line of Gasoline can be laid leading to the trap and then incinerated to set on fire whatever is caught in the trap.
  • Disarming untriggered traps yields 2 Scrap Metal, while triggered traps yield only 1.
  • Disarming a live trap while engaged in combat or stealth is unwise, as disarming takes some time and locks the player's vision cone.
  • A hit from a bear trap will deals 30 damage to creatures, if the protagonist is wearing armor they will take less damage.

Trivia Edit

  • A recipe for learning to craft bear traps once existed within the game, but it was also craftable from the moment the Prologue ended, rendering the recipe useless
  • Picking up a triggered trap is instantaneous (no animation plays) and does not hinder movement
  • It was possible to profit Reputation by buying 4 Scrap metal for 10 Reputation each, which could then be turned into a Bear Trap and sold for 70 Reputation. This has since been fixed by lowering the Bear Trap's sell value to 20.

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