Bible Passage
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Church Ruins - Backpack
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The Bible Passage unlocks a journal entry. The note can be found in the backpack on a scorched scrap of paper inside one of the rooms in the Church Ruins.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Bible passage itself is a fragment of Psalm 91 (3-6) from the Old Testament. The English translation used in the game is the New International Version which did not appear prior to 1973.
  • The note also contains the website address written on top. The website only consists of a code locker like the ones used on some of the crates in game. Entering the code "9136" unlocks it, and a child's drawing of a house in the woods appears, with a family of three and a dog in front of it (see here). The dog's name is probably Burek, a very popular Polish name for a dog; and the bird in the picture has the word "ptak" scribbled underneath it which means "bird" in Polish. There are also several other parts in the picture which could make up some kind of story.
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