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Bike Bell
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A rusty bike bell. Someone has attached a note to it.
Silent Forest Hideout - Workbench
Item Type Tool
Item Types
Value 10
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The Bike Bell is an item found in the Workbench of the Silent Forest Hideout.

If used in a Hideout, it will summon the Bike Man nearby. In exchange for a bottle of Alcohol, he will transport all the items of a chosen hideout's workbench to the hideout where he was summoned.

The attached note reads:

"Liquor tasting and transport services.

Fast and efficient.

Call now."


  • Presumably because of the water, the Bike Man cannot reach the Swamp Hideout, so the Bike Bell is unusable in Chapter 2. All resources the player wants to keep must be carried personally by the Protagonist before transitioning through the passages past the Bunker Entrance; the Bike Bell should be left behind, as it is no more than a waste of an inventory slot.
  • The text changed at some point during development. It used to read:

"Beverage tasting and transport services.

Fast and efficient.

Call me."