Not to be confused with Burned House or Burned Cottage.
Burned Houses Icon burned houses
Dry Meadow
Type Major Location
Creatures Several Dogs
Notable loot Fabric
White Dress
Note from the Burned Houses
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The Burned Houses are a major location in Darkwood, initially being populated by a large pack of Dogs.

The building complex is located in the Dry Meadow biome, close to the first hideout.

The demolished, burnt-out buildings contain various mushroom patches and a hidden safe under a sofa, which has to be pushed aside. The White Dress and a Fabric can be found in the safe.

A broken well and a disassembled tractor can also be found, respectively containing Rope and the Tire, alongside some Gasoline.

A red see-saw can be found outside the houses. This place is connected to The Church's dream, as the Black Chomper during that sequence says:

"A red see-saw
A white dress
A black box
For my girls"

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