Camp Icon camp banshees
Camp (Banshees)
Swamp - Outskirts
Type Major Location
Characters Doctor
Creatures Banshee
Banshee Baby
Notable loot Odd-Looking Mushroom
Shiny Stone
Doctor's Notes
Map (Doctor)
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The Camp (Banshees) is a major location in the Swamp.

It is a location on one of the edges of the map: a hidden pathway next to an overgrown combine leads to a canyon with a single fallen tree serving as a bridge. Past the bridge is a very dark meadow with a banshee and several banshee babies.

Two clusters of mushrooms can be found on the corpses of deer.

The Doctor Edit

Alert majorThis section contains major spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

The following day after the player has visited a camp near the entrance of the Radio Tower, the Doctor can be found here, curled up in a fetal position next to a figurine made out of mud and sticks with a Shiny Stone in its head.
If approached, he will slowly crawl back to a campfire and grab a torch, get up and attack the player. When killed, he drops the Doctor's Notes, Map (Doctor) and a Staff.

Gallery Edit

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