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Characters are story-relevant non-player characters (NPCs) in Darkwood.

They can be categorized into two types: major and minor characters. Some characters additionally serve as vendors.

Major Characters[edit | edit source]

Major characters play a main role in Darkwood and can be interacted with in the conversation Screen.

Name Appearance Vendor
Icon Bikeman.png Bike Man Chapter 1 No
Icon chickenlady.png Chicken Lady Chapter 1 No
Icon child.png Child Chapter 2 No
Icon cripple.png Cripple Chapter 2 No
Icon doctor.png Doctor Prologue
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (Optional)
Epilogue (Optional)
Icon elephants.png Elephants Chapter 2 No
Icon maciek.png Maciek Chapter 1 (Mentioned only)
Icon soldier.png Man Chapter 1 No
Icon mirror.png Mirror Chapter 1 No
Icon mushroom granny.png Mushroom Granny Chapter 2 No
Icon musician.png Musician Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (Optional)
Icon piotrek.png Piotrek Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (Optional)
Icon protagonist.png Protagonist Prologue
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Icon snail.png Snail Chapter 2 No
Icon talking tree.png Talking Tree Chapter 2 No
Icon the being.png The Being Epilogue No
Icon thethree.png The Three Chapter 2 Yes
Icon trader.png Trader Chapter 1 Yes
Icon wolfman.png Wolfman Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (Optional)

Minor Characters[edit | edit source]

Minor characters play a side role in Darkwood.

Name Appearance
Dial-Eyed Man Prologue
Half-Dead Man Chapter 1
Half-Dead Woman Chapter 1
Hanuska Chapter 1
Infected Villagers Chapter 1
Janek Prologue
Chapter 1 (Mentioned only)
Madmen Chapter 1
Mayor Chapter 1
Notable Villagers (Swamp) Chapter 2
Outsiders Prologue
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Pig Farmer Chapter 1 (Posthumously)
Pretty Lady Chapter 1
Stasiek Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (Mentioned)
Tunneler Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Sleepers Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (?)
Villagers Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (Optional)
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