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The Child Drawings are found inside the Strange Box, which opens with the Twisted Key.

After opening the Strange Box, Wolfman starts to insult the player and saying that "Meat is wasting his time" and throws the Drawings on the floor, along with a Shiny Stone.

The first drawing shows a family composed by a dog with spotted fur along with two little girls (possibly the twin girls from the Medallion) and a man (Likely their father, the Madman found at the Church Ruins) who moved in a new house.

The second drawing shows their dog eating a red mushroom.

In the third drawing the dog appear to be dead and buried, while the family mourn it. The man has red scribble on his left wrist, hinting that the dog became violent due to consuming the red mushroom and either died from the poison or was put down.

The fourth drawing depicts the two little girls playing with a red see-saw, while their father demolished the doghouse using an axe.

In the fifth drawing, their house burns (possibly hinting that the location depicted is the Burned Houses in the Dry Meadow, which also have a red see-saw), while the family is shown to be running away.

The sixth drawing depicts the family waiting in line with other people. A man with a fiddle or guitar (perhaps the Musician) can be seen in line, while another with glasses and a lab coat (possibly the Doctor) can be seen directing them towards a trapdoor (this seems to align with the events of the Church dream).

The final drawing shows the two children comforting each other while sitting near corpses. The corners of the drawing have dense black scribbles depicting the darkness of the underground passage in the Church Basement.

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  • The Drawings don´t seem to have any use in Alpha 7.0 after the conversation with Wolfman.
  • If the player fails to kill the Black Chomper in the dream sequence, The man will show up alive at the Church, and tells the player the code to get under the Church. If, however, the player manages to kill the Black Chomper in the dream sequence, the man will appear dead in the Church, and mutated into a chomper. He holds the same locket as can be taken in the dream sequence.
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