Not to be confused with The Church.
Church Ruins Icon church ruins
Church Ruins
Old Woods
Type Major Location
Characters Madman
Creatures Black Chomper
Notable loot Electronic Game
Shovel Blade
Notes The Church event also takes place here.
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The Church Ruins is a major location in Darkwood.

Found in the Old Woods, the Church Ruins are a large walled compound consisting of a heavily damaged Church with a graveyard attached to it. Cryptic floor markings can be found on one of the sides of the Church.

If the player give the Musician the Key Covered in Chicken Feces, he will appear in the graveyard.

Inside the Church, there is a code-locked trapdoor leading to the basement. The Code can be learned once the Dream event involving the Church is completed.

Notable loot Edit

In the intact side room, there is a makeshift bed and several lootable containers, including a wardrobe, shelves, and a destroyed generator. Notably, the Electronic Game can be found inside the wardrobe. A door leading outside is locked but can be opened with a lockpick. In the destroyed side-room opposite the intact one, there is a backpack with random loot.

Dream Edit

The Church Ruins are tied to the dream event, The Church. The choices made there directly affect this location.

Should the player flee in the dream, a man can be found sitting near the trapdoor at the Church Ruins, giving away the 4-digit combination required for opening the trapdoor. Killing him will also yield the Medallion, which has the code inscribed in it. This copy of the medallion does not feature the two little girls having distorted faces.

Should the player fight and kill the Black Chomper in the dream, its corpse can be searched in the Church Ruins for the Medallion with the combination to the trapdoor on it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Church (dream event) also takes place in this location. The Church Ruins are directly affected by the choices made in the dream event.
  • If you have not done the The Church (dream event), and you manage to open up the basement then you will not be able to enter.
  • The Church seems to have been used as a sanctuary of sorts during the first years of the plague, as seen in the Dream event where people are standing in line to hide in the basement.

Gallery Edit

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