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Creator's Office (dream)
Creator's Office
Type Event Location
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Creator's Office is a dream sequence introduced in the full release of Darkwood. It has been discovered to happen upon the first Tier 3 dosage, however it may appear at random on other upgrade tiers. This event will not appear if one chooses "Disable IndieGoGo content" when starting a new game.

As far as the creator of this page knows, going south will lead into a dead end hallway with two hotel room doors. One being locked, while the other is free to access. The Bike Man's bike is present in the apartment.

Exploring the apartment will reveal many different objects, which are all viewable-only and cannot be collected in the player's inventory, except for a piece of Odd Meat from the fridge. These are all found in the multiple tables in the room.

Each of these items contains images of people, an image of a family, and multiple drawings. It is possible that most of these drawings and pictures are pieces of concept art and images of the developers respectively. Concept Art has been assumed as there are some drawings that significantly resemble the game models of The Sow and potentially a form of tentacle or Vines.

Once the player attempts to exit the door, only to find it locked, many noises which sound like vehicles and trucks moving and loading and unloading will begin to sound.

A book can also be found with a personal 'thank you' from the developers of Darkwood, and the names of the creators and what seem to be donators and beloved members of the community, which seems to make this dream act as an in-game oven and extras scene.


  • The Creator's Office will still have a chance to appear even with Indiegogo content disabled.
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