Creatures in Darkwood come in three types, aggressive, passive and peaceful. Every time the player dies, the enemies that were previously killed by the player respawn at a different location, except for the ones in unique Locations and on the Nightmare mode.

Aggressive Creatures Edit

Aggressive creatures are hostile and will attack the player and sometimes other creatures on sight. They may also come to assail the player in the hideout at night. Many of these creatures have been afflicted with the Plague, making them extremely dangerous.

Creatures banshee Banshee
Banshee kid icon Banshee Baby
Creatures black chomper Black Chomper
Centipede icon Centipede
Creatures elk Elk
Gore icon Floor Gore
Creatures huge dog Huge Dog
Human spider icon Human Spider
Mushroom man icon Mushroom Man
Creatures red chomper Red Chomper
Creatures savage hornes Savage (Horns)
Creatures savage rock Savage (Rock)
Creatures savage stick Savage (Stick)
Creatures shadow Shadow
Swamper icon Swamper
Burned villager icon Burning Villager

Passive Creatures Edit

Passive creatures do not attack unless provoked, such as through approaching or attacking. Some of them may pose indirect danger to the player.

Icon black substance Black Substance
Creatures dog Dog
Swamp shine icon Glare
Creatures huge bug Huge Bug
Creatures pig Pig
Icon The Snout The Snout
Sow icon The Sow
Creatures villager pitchforkCreatures villager Villager
Icon vines Vines
Creatures worms Worms

Peaceful Creatures Edit

Peaceful creatures do not under any circumstance attack or cause harm to the player.

Creatures chicken Chicken
CorpseBride Bride
Raven Icon Crow/Raven
Creatures rabbit Rabbit
Monoculus icon Monoculus

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • As of Alpha 7.0, some enemies have dynamic difficulty scaling in relation to the player's progress. Many other small rebalancings to creature stats have been added throughout game versions, most of them unspecified.
  • Other creatures besides the ones present in this list can be found on the game files. As their presence in the game is unconfirmed, to be added in future updates, or cut content, they are currently not being featured here.
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