Creepy House Icon creepy house.png
Creepy House.png
Old Woods
Type Major Location
Characters Musician
Half-Dead Man
Half-Dead Woman
Creatures Red Chomper
Notable loot Military Flashlight
Chestnut Man
Notes Key Covered in Chicken Feces has to be handed to Musician for access.
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The Creepy House is a major location in Darkwood. This is the place where Musician's parents reside and to which Musician sends the player off to give the Drawing to his mother and in order to find his violin.

Unless the player places the Musician's drawing in the mother's inventory prior to retrieving the violin, both she and the father will transform into Red Chompers, complicating the player's exit.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After the violin is taken, Musician's mother begs for it to be returned to its place.
  • Even with the Drawing placed in her inventory, the Mother will mutter "Please, don't" as the Protagonist moves to take the Violin.
  • In earlier builds, the Electronic Game could be found in this place, on a shelf.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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