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Doctor's Instructions #1
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Village (Forest) - House
Item Type Story Item
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The Doctor's Instructions #1 is a story item that contains some slightly questionable treatment methods prescribed by the Doctor for one of the villagers. It is found in Forest Village, in the house behind the Chicken Lady's House, on the floor.

The note reads:

"- Burn a mix of herbs in the oven (lovage, camomile, nettle)

- keep the patient warm

- twice a day, one tablespoon of sauerkraut juice by mouth"


  • The note's appearance suggests it is most likely a page ripped off from the Doctor's Notepad.
  • There is a villager living in the house where the Doctor's Instructions #1 are found and there is also a charred corpse bound with a Chain in the back room. This situation could be interpreted as the villager misunderstanding the Doctor's instruction about keeping the patient "warm" and burning him or her alive.
  • The text changed at some point during development. It used to read:

    "- Wash wounds with alcohol 3 times a day.
    - If infection spreads, rub wounds with aloe & arnica ointment.
    - Burn herbs in the oven (lovage, camomile, nettle)
    - One tbsp beet juice, two times a day."