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Doctor's Instructions #3
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The Village - Chicken Lady
Item Type Quest Item
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Value 1
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Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Doctor's Instructions #3 contains some slightly questionable treatment methods prescribed by the Doctor for the Pretty Lady. It reveals the location of the Road to the Doctor's House. The location of the Road to the Doctor's House may vary, and the note will reflect this.

It is handed to the player by the Chicken Lady if shown the Bloodstained Shawl, or can alternatively be retrieved from her corpse.

The note reads:


- Remove the growths using a sterilized knife(washed in spirits or boiled)
- In case the wounds or ulcerations open, put bean seeds inside
- Under no circumstances untie hands and legs

In case of emergency, you'll find the path to my home in the (...) edge of the Old Woods."


  • It is most likely a page from the Doctor's Notepad.
  • The text changed at some point during development. It used to read:


- Remove growths with a sterilized (washed in spirits) knife.
- Drink plenty of water.
- Do not, under any circumstances, untie the legs or hands.

In case of emergency, the path to my home is in the (...) edge of the Old Woods."