Doctor's Notes
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Swamp - Camp (Banshees)
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If the player gets killed in the Train Wreck dream, the Doctor's Notes can be found on the Doctor's corpse in Chapter 2.

Doctor's Note #1 Edit

"The fucker showed me the exit. Finally.

Entrance behind the wardrobe
I was there, in the cottage. This is where the voice was coming from. I wasn't mistaken. How could I have missed it?

The tunnel
Those village idiots would happily feed me to the woods, but I still couldn't close those fucking doors in the tunnels. They've suffered enough. Unfortunately this means I'll also have to look out for the rat. He will come after me, that bastard. I'm sure of it. I should've killed him when he was lying in the cart, helpless.

Rhyparochromus vulgaris?"

Doctor's Note #2 Edit

"The Swamp
I was hoping that this damned stinking hole would lead me to the exit. Unfortunately, the roots have broken through the tunnel walls and blocked the passage. However, I feel I'm getting closer. I can hear her more clearly.

The Rats' Hideout
I searched the cottage. I've found some weird devices connected to the oven. The locals don't use such equipment. Rats must've made a hideout out of it. I'm sure of it. Apart from the oven, I've also found a broken compressor. Looks like they are using oxygen tanks when traverse the woods. I need to leave this house as soon as possible."

Doctor's Note #3 Edit

"Whispers. Whispers in the radio, whispers in my head. Louder than usual. I feel I'm close now.

I've seen him. He's back to his place. I took a photo of the motherfucker.

I remember this place vaguely. I haven't been here in ages. Everything is flooded and overgrown, but I remember the shrine and the cottages. I used to come here to treat people. The tree in the village must've grown no later than 5 years ago, when the Forest blocked me from this place."

Doctor's Note #4 Edit

"I can hear your cry, but I don't know where it's coming from. Tell me where to go.
Don't cry. I'm close. Please, don't cry. I'm close.
Are you behind the trees?"

Doctor's Note #5 Edit

"An old combine. A chasm. Is it here?
It's here. I don't know. The trees are singing. Or maybe it's a cry?
Is it coming from under the ground? I think it's here. This cry. I know this cry."

Doctor's Note #6 Edit

"Is it you?
Is it you?
Is it you?
Is it you?"

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