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Dry Meadow Hideout Icon hideout.png
Dry Meadow Hideout.jpg
Dry Meadow
Type Major Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Mushroom Book
Photo of a Road
Generator Note
Notes Starting point of the player, once the Prologue is beaten.
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The Dry Meadow Hideout is a major location in Darkwood.

Located in the Dry Meadow, this building is the first safe house the Protagonist makes use of. It has four separate rooms in total, with several pieces of furniture and accessories in them. They can be used to block doors, open pathways, and store items for later use. A small shack housing the hideout's Generator is also present, but unsecured, since one of its walls is broken down.

The large wardrobe contains one Rag, 11 Nails and the Photo of a Road, while the smaller one contains the Mushroom Book, a Rope, two empty Bottles and 2 bottles of Alcohol.

A broken Well, which can be repaired with 4 Boards, can be found right outside the front door. The player can drink from the repaired well once per day to restore some health.

A locked stash can be found at the back of the house, which contains two cans of Gasoline, an Exploding Barrel, a Single-shot Pistol, two Rope, a Fabric, a Knife, five Scrap Metal, ten Boards and thirty five Nails. The password for this container is 2919.

On the other side of the front door, there is an empty pile of timber, which can be used as additional storage space.

The small shack which serves as the generator room contains a Corpse, which has a Torch in mid condition, a Rag, and some Matchsticks. Additionally, a Generator Note can be found inside the shack, on the floor right next to the generator.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The room that has the workbench in it is easy to defend because of its small size, and one of the windows is already barricaded.

The large wardrobe can serve both as a storage locker for items as well as an invaluable barricade to block off open doorways.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Worms infesting the Hideout, as seen in a screenshot from before Alpha 6.0. Note the crate, which has since been replaced by a small wardrobe.

  • Prior to Alpha 6.0, Worms would appear in this hideout. They are now introduced to the player further along the way.
  • The Hideout used to feature a "very trippy" glitch on its bed, which was fixed in Alpha 1.1. The developers stated that it could be re-added as an intentional feature in the future.
  • It is possible to jam the large wardrobe into the hole in the main building so that it cannot be moved from the outside. Though it can still be broken, enemies that invade the Dry Meadow Hideout usually don't break objects, effectively patching the hole.
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