Electronic Game
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A soviet microprocessor-based handheld game.
Church Ruins - Shelf
Item Type Quest Item
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Value 1
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The Electronic Game can be found on a shelf in the Church Ruins. It can be shown to Wolfman and Piotrek as a quest item in the conversation screen.

If the Protagonist agrees to the Wolfman that "the Protagonist is making fun of him and this game is a joke", he offers to buy it in exchange for a Pistol.

If the player agrees with Piotrek that collecting the eggs in the game will take the wolf to the moon, he will give you 100 reputation in exchange.

Additionally, it may be given to the Musician ;but due to his overgrown fingers he drops it into the ground for no benefit whatsoever.

Trivia Edit

  • The Electronic Game is based on the Russian rip-off of the Nintendo Game & Watch called "IM". In one of the games the wolf must collect eggs from the hens or chickens while being careful not to drop the eggs. That is the reason why Wolfman thinks that he is being made fun of when this item is shown to him.
  • The characters appearing in the game are based on a soviet cartoon called "Nu, pogodi".
  • In the game files, this item is labeled as "jajeczka_wilk".
  • Before Alpha 3.0, this item used to be located in one of the Cottages. It was then relocated to the Creepy House on a shelf, before finally being moved in Alpha 9.1 to the Church Ruins, on the same shelf as the axe in the church dream sequence.
  • There used to be a bug in the game which prevented the player from accessing this item in the Journal. This was fixed in Alpha 3.0.


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