Entrance to Silent Forest Icon house small.png
The locked door at the Entrance to Silent Forest
In-between Dry Meadow and Silent Forest
Type Gateway Location
Characters Sleeper
Creatures Several Huge Bugs
Savage (Stick)
Notable loot Embryo
Map of the Forest
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Release Alpha 7.1

The Entrance to Silent Forest is the gateway that ties the Dry Meadow and Silent Forest biomes together. It is mandatory to go through this area to advance in the game.

The location itself is a house surrounded by a dark thicket of trees. The inside of the house is infested by Huge Bugs and Worms. There is a crate near the entrance that contains a Molotov Cocktail, a Gasoline canister, and some Matchsticks. These items can be used to burn away the worm infestation, and advance safely further into the building.

The metal door that leads out into the Silent Forest can only be opened with a code, which is found in a backroom guarded by a stick-wielding Savage.

A Sleeper can be found outside the house, right after opening the door to the Silent Forest. The Map of the Forest can be looted from his body, which marks the location of the Silent Forest Hideout on the player's map. When walking away, the sleeper can be heard talking about a secret exit in an hideout:

"...Hey there, friend.

In the last hideout...

...look for an exit beneath the floor."

— The Sleeper

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