Exploding Barrel
Icon exploding barrel

Explodes when in contact with fire or hit by gunfire.
Swamp Hideout
Item Type Trap
Item Types
Value 40
Max. Stack
Crafting 1x Icon scrap metal
0.35x Icon gasoline
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Notes Can be placed as a trap. Explodes from fire.


Release Alpha 8.0

Exploding Barrels can be placed on the ground and moved around much like Furniture.

When shot with a firearm or lit on fire, for example with a Molotov Cocktail or a trail of Gasoline lit by a Matchstick, the barrel instantly explodes, causing heavy damage to anything in close vicinity.

Matchsticks by themselves are insufficient to trigger the explosion.

Trivia Edit

  • Exploding barrels are almost identical to gas tanks, but lack the jet propulsion.
  • The possibilities of targeting Exploding Barrels with guns and picking them up after placement were both added only in Alpha 9.0. The item's flavor text was also added further down the line.