Darkwood Wiki
Icon flare.png
Uncommon random loot
Wolfman - Purchase
Trader - Purchase
The Three - Purchase
Piotrek - Purchase.
Item Type Light Source
Item Types
Value 30
Max. Stack 10
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Lights up a large area in a red glow.

80 seconds

Release Initial release

The Flare is a light source in Darkwood. They are found mostly in crates as uncommon loot, and can be bought from Wolfman for 60 Reputation each.

Flares can stack up to 10 units in a single inventory slot.


Flares can be lit and carried around by pressing and holding the right mouse button, or dropped onto the ground, by releasing the right mouse button. Flares light up large areas with an intense red glow, very useful for fighting in the dark. A flare lasts about a minute and a half until it expires.

Flares can be thrown onto gasoline to light it, however it is advisable to use matchsticks or a swing with a torch as a more disposable alternative due to the more uncommon and practical nature of flares.

Flares are exceptionally useful against Shadows. The wall of light they produce is impenetrable by them, and they last long enough to outlast their night event. It's not a bad idea to keep one in the inventory overnight, in case the standing lamps are too far from each other and there's no time to make a run for the functioning one.


  • The flare is the only combustion-based light source that works against Shadows.