Icon flashlight.png
Rare random loot
Wolfman - Purchase
Piotrek - Purchase
The Three, Trader - Purchase
Item Type Light Source
Item Types
Value 150 (at max durability).
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Throws a light beam.
Powered by 9v Batteries.

120 s

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The Flashlight is a battery-powered light source. Wolfman, Piotrek, Trader and The Three sell them for 200 Reputation at max, with prices varying on the item's durability, and while rare, they can be found in random containers.

Flashlights will eventually run out of power, and must be refilled with 9V Batteries using the reload key (default "R"). Its runtime is longer than the Military Flashlight's, at the cost of brightness.

Flashlights cannot be stacked.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The flashlight emits light in a tight cone, making it useful for scouting an area from a safe distance.

Unlike the Torch and the Lantern, the Protagonist can use the flashlight when Shadows are present.

[edit | edit source]

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