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Gas Mask
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Protects from poisonous gas.
Piotrek - Purchase
Wolfman - Purchase
Item Type Tool
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Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Passively protects from poisonous gas. Must be placed in hotbar. Suffers durability loss. Cannot be repaired.


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Gas Masks served as protection from toxic gas and therefore allowed the player to explore hazardous zones safely for a limited time. One location that needed the Gas Mask to be explored is the Creepy House.

To use this item, it had to be placed in the hotbar. It would lose durability as soon as it was placed there. It could not be repaired and disappeared from the inventory as soon as it was completely used.

Gas Masks could be bought from Wolfman and Piotrek, with their price varying depending on the item's durability.

As of Alpha 7.0. they are no longer in the game.