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Usable. Fuels generators, highly combustible!
Common random loot

Vendors - Purchase

Item Type Unknown item type
Item Types Crafting Material, Tool
Value 35
Max. Stack Can be combined
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Fuels Generators and Table Saws. Can be poured onto ground and incinerated.


Release Initial release

Gasoline is a precious universal resource used to fuel generators and craft lanterns, molotov Cocktails, Exploding Barrel and torches.

When equipped, holding the right mouse button readies the gas can, while holding the left mouse button pours the gas onto the ground or as fuel into a Generator or Table Saw.

1 full gasoline tank has 200 units of fuel in it.

It takes 25 fuel units to saw 1 log.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Gasoline is also effective as a trap: Pour a small pool of gasoline on the ground, lure the enemy over it, and light it up with Matchsticks, Torches or Flares for major fire damage. There are strategies to use this effectively:

  • Against carnivores, set out some meat or flesh to lure them into the gas. A Bear Trap would make this easier and safer, but also more expensive.
  • Against foes that will force their way in, pour a line of gas through a doorway or window to a pool just outside, then barricade it. When they come knocking, just light the gas from your side.
  • Against foes with a lunging/charging attack, just position yourself between the foe and flame, and sidestep the attack; if timed right, they should crash right into it. This is a good way to take down Elk in the early game.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Gasoline can be used to burn away worms as well as kill Huge Bugs when they hide in holes.
  • A full can of gasoline contains 100 units of fuel, generally a little more than needed to keep the generator running for one night.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lit gasoline used to be somewhat overpowered, as even a tiny droplet would last quite a while, and foes could be easily lured into walking straight through the flames, often killing themselves without the player having to do anything else. Now it requires at least 1/10th of a can (enough to form a puddle) to set something on fire, and enemies will generally avoid an already lit flame.
  • Before Beta 3.1's text makeover, this item's description used to be "Highly combustible, used to fuel generators."
  • Gasoline stains have a colourful shine to them, one that can easily be seen on oil stains in real life.
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