Not to be confused with ? (Minor Location).
Giant Larvae Icon question mark location
Worm queen
Old Woods
Type Major Location
Creatures Red Chompers
Notable loot Odd Meat
Notes Cut from the final game.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Giant Larvae (Or ?, as it appeared on the map) was a major location in Darkwood.

This location was found in the Old Woods biome and appeared to be the near-dead remains of a very big larva-like creature. Nearby was also a cocoon which could be smashed open for some Odd Meat.

Attacking the cocoon caused Red Chompers to spawn. The place was teeming with enemies in general and approaching it without the proper equipment (e.g. flares and traps, guns) was not recommended.

This location has not appeared in several versions of Darkwood, although it can be seen in the second Pre-Alpha Trailer, sitting on a flooded field resembling an earlier version of the Swamps.

It was also animated, with the larvae moving its mouth slightly. These animations still exist on the game files.

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