Swamp shine icon
Behavior Passive
Attack type Ranged
Drops -
Health -
Running Speed Stationary
Stamina -
View Distance -
Damage Very Low
Notes Drags furniture toward it.
Release Alpha 8

A Glare is a strange phenomenon that appears in certain areas of the Swamp, but sometimes also during night events in the Old Woods hideout and Swamp hideout. It is a violently radiating red light divided in a translucent red aura and a brighter epicenter that emits an ear-ringing noise.

Staring at the epicenter of the Glare from within its surrounding red aura causes the Protagonist's vision to turn red and causes the health-draining Pain status debuff. The Glare is intangible and cannot be interacted with in any way other than looking at it.

Strategy Edit

  • The Glare only causes harm if its epicenter is within the Protagonist's immediate field of vision. The Glare can be safely approached as long as the epicenter is outside of the Protagonist's cone of view.
  • Alcohol induces a reduced field of vision, making it a good option for healing if the glare is present with no hostiles nearby.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Protagonist is killed during the night while the Glare's night event is starting but before it appears, the Glare may spawn during the morning phase. However, it will only appear once and not warp.

Gallery Edit

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