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Great Lake Icon huge lake.png
The Great Lake.png
Type Major Location
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Creatures Black Substance
Red Chompers
The Snout
Notable loot Rubber Boots
Notes Carry a light source; the storm makes it hard to see.
Release Alpha 8

The Great Lake is a unique location found in the Swamp biome. It's one of the largest areas in the game, if not the largest one. It operates on its own independent weather system - a continual rainstorm that mutes all sunlight into a cloudy darkness, heavily obscuring vision. It can be hard to navigate the area, however flashes of lightning will occasionally illuminate a portion of the screen.

The area is filled with sleeping Red Chompers (which are covered in the Black Substance) which makes the area fairly dangerous to explore until the player has proper equipment.

In the center of the storm is a house which has various items including a pair of Rubber Boots. A large snout-like protrusion on the ground can also be found nearby. If it is attacked, it shrivels up and the storm ends, allowing the Protagonist to freely navigate the area.


  • Bring strong light sources to navigate the darkness, and to burn off the Black Substance. The Lantern offers a passive light source and Flares offers a brighter light. Both kinds of flashlights will wake up sleeping Red Chompers covered in the Black Substance.
  • Any kind of loud noise (running, shooting) will wake up sleeping Red Chompers. Plan accordingly.
  • Keep a watch on you; while in the storm it's hard to tell the time, making it possible to get lost in the area during nightfall.
  • It will wake up four nearby Red Chompers if you kill The Snout first.
  • If the player manages to keep quiet as possible, the player can use an Axe and silently kill all of them before they even wake up.
  • If stealth fails, use the water to your advantage. Red Chompers are slower than the player in it, making them much more manageable. Also, killing a Chomper in the water won't cause it to split in half after death as it does on land.


  • This location used to be called the "Huge Lake".