Hanuska's House
Hanuska's House.jpg
Village (Forest)
Type Minor Location
Characters Hanuska
Creatures None
Notable loot Cable
Doll (Burned)
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Hanuska's House is a minor location in the Forest Village.

Little is known about Hanuska. She was referred to only once by the Chicken Lady, but this could've been in reference to anyone. Even so, the burned house is largely regarded as Hanuska's house by the fanbase.

It's a small, burnt, charred wreckage, with only a few walls remaining. It lies just off the edge of the stream. Within (so to speak) a lone woman in a chair can be found, who is presumably the house's owner Hanuska. She does not speak to the Protagonist until after the he leaves her behind, at which point she will mutter:

"Kill the pig..."

Inside the suitcase, a Doll can be found. A complimentary Doll can be found in the Village Well, on the corpse of an unusually small Red Chomper.

If the player kills Hanuska, a Knife and a Cable can be looted off her corpse. If the player kills The Sow, she will disappear from the house.

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