The Holes Icon holes.png
Type Minor Location
Characters Doctor (if left alive in Chapter 1)
Creatures None
Notable loot Lantern
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The Holes is a minor location in the Swamp where a shortcut to the Swamp Hideout can be found, similar to the one in the Village (Forest). It is highly recommended to discover those first, as exploring in the swamp can consume a lot of time.

There is a crate there, and a tunneler in the smaller holes who warns you to leave, saying "these are my holes".

The first time you use the holes in your house to come here, a man whose lower body is a massive centipede will appear, he will go into a hole and then shout at you.

Despite the appearance of the centipede man, the protagonist describes the hole man as a mud encrusted man with a long beard, the lower body possibly not being visible from his point of view.

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If you didn't kill the Doctor in Chapter 1, you can find him near the cart outside the holes. He is sitting and smoking - appearing to be in a late state of infection. You can talk to him and get some gossip options, to find out more about his story.

Loot[edit | edit source]

In the crate are Boards, gasoline, a lantern and pliers.

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