Not to be confused with Dog.
Huge Dog
Creatures huge dog
Spawns randomly at Silent Forest, Old Woods and Swamp
Spawns in Silent Forest Hideout, Old Woods Hideout and Swamp Hideout at night
Doctor's House
Church Basement
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Odd Meat
Health Medium
Running Speed Fast
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Medium
Damage Medium
Notes Able to vault obstacles. Can be baited with Meat.
Release Initial release

Huge Dogs are aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

They tend to roam at the Silent Forest and Old Woods biomes, spawning near Silent Forest Hideout and sometimes in Old Woods Hideout and Swamp Hideout during the night phase.

Huge dogs are tougher, stronger, faster, and more aggressive than dogs, their more domesticated counterpart. They are incredibly dangerous carnivores who attack on sight and can lunge over fences without losing momentum. Even if the player is running, they may end up receiving damage due to its high speed.

When killed, huge dogs drop Odd Meat.

Strategy Edit

They can detect the player through doors and walls by smelling.

Huge dogs are too dangerous to engage without proper preparation or access to high-tier firearms (pistols and above).

The best weapon for a one on one fight with a huge dog is an upgraded axe, as it will kill a huge dog instantly.

Fights with multiple huge dogs at once are ill-advised unless you are in a fully secured hideout during the night, or have access to high tier firearms.

Huge dogs, like most carnivores, can be lured or but not distracted by dropping meat onto the ground.

Notes Edit

There is a huge dog with a broken chain on it. It is located in one of the ruins in the swamp.

A Huge dog is technically a zombie dog. The Doctor killed his dog at the prologue but the dog came back as a Huge dog when the protagonist finds Doctor's house.


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