Human Spider
Human spider icon
Burned Cottage
Final Dreamscene
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Ranged and melee
Drops Odd Meat
Health Medium
Running Speed Slow (Player facing monster)

Very Fast (Player facing away)

Stamina Unknown
View Distance Unknown
Damage Low
Notes Hurls body parts. Replicates.
Release Alpha 8

The Human Spider is an aggressive creature that appears to be made of multiple merged human bodies, in a similar fashion to other creatures present in Darkwood.

Human Spiders are mostly found randomly roaming around the Swamp. They can be mobile, which makes them difficult to outrun if they spot the player and give chase.

In the Swamp, like for the other Swamp creatures, it is possible that there is a shrine made of a human body with a spider in its mouth or multiple dead bodies together.


Human Spiders don't have much health or damage, but stick to you very well if you're not looking at them, thus when the Human Spider throws a torso, the player should try to keep both the torso and the Human Spider in his vision, otherwise the player will probably take some damage from one of the spiders before he can get both of them in his field of vision. When they're being looked at, they're very slow, so even with multiple Human Spiders, as long as they're all being looked at, they shouldn't be too difficult to take out. The player should go on the offensive when fighting these; if they throw a torso, the player can finish the original Spider before the other one forms. The Spiders are also able to dodge to the side when being shot at, making them somewhat difficult to hit with a handgun.

  • Molotov Cocktails are a good choice against this creature, due to its large width. One should be enough to quickly dispatch a Human Spider.
  • The speed of a Human Spider is affected by whether a player is looking at it or not. They move much quicker, in huge leaps, when not being looked at. Therefore, attempting to escape combat is generally a bad idea.
  • Third Eye is a good skill to have handy if you intend to fight a lot of Human Spiders, as the 360 degree view radius will slow all of the Human Spiders down, especially if you're being attacked from all sides.


  • The Human Spider swipes at the player with its arms, dealing a quarter of a pip.
  • The Human Spider rips an appendage off of itself and throws it at the player, dealing damage.
  • The Human Spider rips an entire torso off of itself and hurls it at the player, dealing damage. After a short delay, this torso transforms into another Human Spider.


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