Infected Villagers are minor characters in Darkwood.

Three can be found in the Village. Two appear to be in early stages of infection; one is lying in a bed in the house below that of the mayor, while another is lying in a bed in the house below the Chicken Lady's House. The third seems to be in a much worse state, he can be found in the barricaded house in the lower left corner of the Village, in the middle of a room with wrecked furniture, floor scrawlings, and a little shrine with a Shiny Stone on it.

It is not completely clear what infection(s) these villagers suffer from, although presumably it is the same that plagues most of the region and is mentioned by the Doctor during the Prologue and the intro custcene. Several bloated corpses can be found throughout the game, some of which transform into chompers. Thus, the infection might also be a disease that turns people into Chompers or other abominations. Dialogue with the Doctor also shows that there are multiple different kinds of diseases affecting the region.