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For weapons and traps, see Weapons.

Items in Darkwood play an essential role in furthering gameplay and story elements, and the game's lore. With currently over 200 items, the types of items available in Darkwood are correspondingly diverse, and so is their purpose.

Items can be bought, looted, crafted, or received as rewards from other characters.

The following is a fairly complete list of items in Darkwood. Some items may appear in more than one category.


Ammunition serves no other purpose than keeping firearms operational. Reloading is done via the R key.

Ammunition is consumed upon reloading.


Icon medium caliber bullet.png Medium Caliber Bullet
Icon medium caliber magazine.png Medium Caliber Magazine
Icon shotgun shell.png Shotgun Shell
Icon small caliber magazine.png Small Caliber Magazine

Crafting Materials[]

Crafting materials are used to craft other items with. Most of them are fairly common.


Icon alcohol.png Alcohol
Icon axe edge.png Axe Blade
Icon bandages.png Bandages
Icon bolt handle.png Bolt Handle
Icon bottle.png Bottle
Icon gasoline.png Gasoline
Icon handgun frame.png Handgun Frame
Icon scrap metal.png Scrap Metal
Icon fabric.png Fabric
Icon long barrel.png Long Barrel
Icon matchstick.png Matchstick
Icon nail.png Nail
Icon metal pipe.png Metal Pipe
Icon odd mushroom.png Odd-Looking Mushroom
Icon pincers.png Pliers
Icon plank.png Board
Icon rag.png Rag
Icon rope.png Rope
Icon rotten mushroom.png Rotten Mushroom
Icon shell.png Shell
Icon shovel edge.png Shovel Blade
Icon tape.png Tape
Icon toolbox.png Toolbox
Icon tubular magazine.png Tubular Magazine
Icon weapon parts.png Weapon Parts
Icon welder.png Welder
Icon wire.png Wire
Icon wood log.png Wood Log


Consumables can be ingested for various temporary effects. For items with healing effects, see Healing Items.


Name Effect Duration
Icon alcohol.png Alcohol Sight
30 s
Icon antidote.png Antidote Poison Protection 30 s
Icon bread.png Bread Endurance 120 s
Icon chicken egg.png Chicken Egg Endurance 60 s
Icon cockroach.png Insect Endurance
150 s
Icon embryo.png Embryo +1 Life [?] N/A
Icon fish.png Fish Endurance 60 s
Icon ice.png Ice Endurance 30 s
Icon odd meat.png Odd Meat Endurance
150 s
Icon pills.png Pill Endurance 60 s
Icon potato.png Potato Endurance 30 s
Icon red chicken egg.png Red Egg


60 s


Hallucinogens can be used to level up when converted to essence at the oven (see also Skills). Hallucinogens cannot be crafted.

When converted to essence at an oven, the player receives the hallucinogen's base essence times the oven's efficiency.


Name Base Essence [?]
Icon cockroach.png Insect 30 ml
Icon dead rat.png Dead Rat 30 ml
Icon embryo.png Embryo 40 ml
Icon fish.png Fish 15 ml
Icon odd meat.png Odd Meat 15 ml
Icon odd mushroom.png Odd-Looking Mushroom 10 ml
Icon odd mushroom night.png Odd-Looking, Glowing Mushroom 20 ml
Icon red chicken egg.png Red Egg 25 ml
Icon ? item.png ? (Item) 25 ml

Healing Items[]

Healing items regenerate health. The healing value is displayed in pips (player default max health 2 pips).


Name Heal Duration
Icon alcohol.png Alcohol 1.7-2.5 pips 05 s
Icon antler.png Antler 7.5 pips 05 s
Icon bandages.png Bandages 2.6 pips 60 s
Icon bandages with alcohol.png Bandages With Alcohol 3.8 pips 45 s
Icon dead rat.png Dead Rat 2.3 pips 60 s
Icon embryo.png Embryo 6 pips 03 s
Icon fish.png Fish 1.97 pips 60 s
Icon jar with meat.png Jar with Meat 7 pips 40 s
Icon odd mushroom.png Odd-Looking Mushroom


2.2 pips 40 s
Icon odd mushroom night.png Odd-Looking, Glowing Mushroom


1.6 pips 30 s
Icon pill.png Pill 3 pips 03 s
Icon plank.png Board


0.36 pips 05 s
Icon wood log.png Wood Log


1.16 pips 15 s
Icon ? item.png ? (Item) 0.8 pips 30 s


Keys unlock unique locked doors or locked objects that cannot be lockpicked otherwise.


Icon big metal key.png Big, Metal Key
Icon key2.png Cellar Key
Icon key2.png Chest Key
Icon distorted key.png Twisted Key
Icon key2.png Key
Icon key2.png Key Covered in Chicken Feces
Icon key2.png Key from the Burned Cottage
Icon keyring.png Key on a Keyring
Icon key2.png Key to the Burned House
Icon key2.png Key to Wolf's Hideout
Icon key2.png Sawmill Key
Icon slimy key.png Shed Key
Icon key2.png Mushroom Granny Key
Icon key2.png Room Key
Icon key2.png Rusty Key
Icon big metal key.png Underground Key

Light Sources[]

Light sources illuminate the dark, and some can be used to burn away the Black Substance.


Name Craftable
Icon flare.png Flare No
Icon flashlight.png Flashlight No
Icon military flashlight.png Military Flashlight No
Icon lantern.png Lantern Yes
Icon torch.png Torch Yes

Quest Items[]

Quest items are required to progress further along in the story, complete certain side-quests, and can be shown or given to other Characters.

Some quest items do not show up in the player's inventory. In this case, they are usually viewable in the Journal.


Icon battery.png Battery
Icon Bloodstained Plastic Chick.png Bloodstained Plastic Chick
Icon bloody rock.png Bloodstained Rock
Icon bloodstained shawl.png Bloodstained Shawl
Icon cable.png Cable
Icon note.png Cigarette Pack
Icon note.png Code
Icon chain.png Chain
Icon chicken head from wolfman.png Chicken Head from Wolf
Icon compressor parts.png Compressor Parts
Doctor's Instructions #3 Doctor's Instructions #3
Icon note.png Drawing
Drawings - note.png Drawings
Icon electronic game.png Electronic Game
Icon exhaust.png Exhaust
Icon rubber boots.png Rubber Boots
Icon key2.png Key Covered in Chicken Feces
Icon large screwdriver.png Large Screwdriver
Icon pendant.png Medallion
Icon note.png Note (Entrance to Silent Forest)
Icon doctor note.png Note from the Wolf
Icon doctor note.png Note from the Wolf #2
Icon empty oxygen tank.png Oxygen Tank
Icon rear mirror.png Rearview Mirror
Icon serpentine belt.png Fan Belt
Icon small plastic chicken.png Plastic Chick
Icon steering wheel.png Steering Wheel
Icon strange box.png Strange Box
Icon tire.png Tire
Icon violin.png Violin

Story Items[]

Story items are unique items that all offer some insight on the game world. Most of them are only viewable in the Journal.

If an item contains lore, but also offers interactions with Characters or the game world, it qualifies as a quest item.


Icon flicker magazine.png "Flicker" magazine
Magazine.png "Gentleman" magazine
Motorcycle magazine icon.png "Motorcycle" magazine
Icon note.png A Note With a Photo of Signs
Icon photo.png A Photo of Three Boys
Bag Bag
Icon bloodstained rope.png Bloodstained Rope
Icon blueprint.png Blueprint
Icon bullet.png Bullet
Icon book.png Burned Book
Icon Burned Page With a Map.png Burned Page With a Map
Icon camera.png Camera
Icon camera mud.png Camera (mud)
Icon chestnut doll.png Chestnut Doll
linkChestnut Man Chestnut Man
Icon blueprint.png Child Drawings
Icon cross.png Cross (savage)
Icon Cross (chicken lady).png Cross (chicken lady)
Icon Cross (shiny stone).png Cross (shiny stone)
Icon radio.png Damaged Short-Wave Radio
Icon Destroyed Painting.png Destroyed Painting
Icon photograph.png Destroyed Photo
Icon doctor note.png Doctor's Instructions #1
Icon doctor note.png Doctor's Instructions #2
Icon doctor note savage 1-4.pngIcon doctor note savage 5,6.png Doctor's Notes
Icon dog tag.png Dog Tag
Icon small plastic doll.png Doll (Burned)
Icon small plastic doll.png Doll (Unburned)
Icon Empty Jar.png Empty Jar
Icon note.png Food Inventory
Icon note.png Flyer
Icon doctor note.png Generator Note
Icon head.png Head
Icon rusty cowbell.png Iron Cowbell
Icon jar.png Jar
Icon jar with a sample.png Jar with a Sample
Icon note.png Journal from the Radio Tower
Icon note.png Journal from the Radio Tower #2
Icon Loterry Ticket.png Lottery Ticket
Icon note.png Madman's Scribblings
Icon meat grinder.png Meat Grinder
Icon my medical bag.png My Medical Bag
Icon book.png My Medical Book
Icon book.png Mushroom Book
Icon note.png Note (apartment)
Icon doctor note.png Note (Junk)
Icon book.png Note (Junkyard)
Icon doctor note.png Note (Shadow Armor) [?]
Icon note.png Note about the Bundle of Roots
Icon note.png Note about Walls of Trees
Icon note.png Note from the Burned Houses
Icon note.png Note - desertion
Icon note.png Note from the Truck
Icon notepad.png Notepad
Drawings - note.png Note (Marcinek's Drawings)
Icon notebook.png Notebook
Icon Old cassette.png Old Cassette
Icon Old Journal.png Old Journal [?]
Icon cigarettes pack.png Pack of Cigarettes
Icon painting.png Painting from 1972
Icon painting.png Painting from 1973
Icon painting.png Painting from 1975
Icon painting.png Painting from 1978
Icon painting.png Painting from 1979
Icon photograph.png Photo (Burned Cottage, 1)
Icon photograph.png Photo (Burned Cottage, 2)
Icon photograph.png Photo (Forest, 1)
Icon photograph.png Photo (Forest, 2)
Icon note.png Photo (Hunter)
Icon photo of a road.png Photo of a Road
Icon photo.png Photo of a Family
Icon photo of the doctor.png Photo of the Doctor
Icon Plastic Chikens.png Plastic Chickens
Icon note.png Postcard (apartment)
Icon postcard.png Postcard With a Portrait of a Man
Icon Protective Boot.png Protective Boot [?]
Icon Ration Stamps.png Ration Stamps
Icon rusty cowbell.png Rusty Iron Cowbell
Icon Siphon.png Siphon
Icon syringe.png Syringe
Icon note.png The People's Tribune
Icon The Wolf's Gift.png The Wolf's Gift
Icon Thermometer.png Thermometer
Icon tobacco.png Tobacco
Icon torn page from a journal 1.png Torn Page From a Journal
Icon photograph.png Torn Photo
Icon toy rocket.png Toy
Icon trophy wolf.png Trophy
Icon big metal key.png Underground Key
Icon Violin (Musician).png Violin (Musician)
Icon wedding ring.png Wedding Ring
Icon wedding ring fake.png Wedding Ring (Fake)
Icon weird book.png Weird Book
Icon weird cross.png Weird Cross
Icon doctor note.png Weird Drawing
Icon white dress.png White Dress


Tools are very useful items used to various ends.


Name Craftable
Icon 9v battery.png 9V Battery No
Icon gasoline.png Gasoline No
Icon light armor.png Light Armor Yes
Icon lockpick.png Lockpick Yes
Icon map.png Map (Burned Cottage) No
Icon map.png Map (Doctor) No
Icon map.png Map (Holes) No
Icon map.png Map (Mushroon Glade) No
Icon map.png Map (Pig Shed) No
Icon map.png Map (Radio Tower) No
Icon map.png Map (Train Wreck) No
Icon map.png Map of the Forest No
Icon map.png Map of the Old Woods No
Icon matchstick.png Matchstick No
Icon old bike bell.png Bike Bell No
Icon rubber boots.png Rubber Boots No
Icon sweater.png Sweater No
Icon watch.png Watch No


Upgrades permanently increase certain stats or enhance the protagonist in other ways.


Name Craftable
Icon hotbar upgrade.png Hotbar Upgrade Yes
Icon inventory upgrade.png Inventory Upgrade Yes


Miscellaneous items exist in the game and have no apparent use at the moment. Some of them may still be sold to vendors.


Icon arm.png Arm
Icon 43.png Bone
Icon book.png Book
Icon chicken head.png Chicken Head
Icon clothes.png Clothes
Icon - detergent 1.png Icon - detergent 2.png Detergent
Icon ear.png Ear
Icon partly digested finger.png Finger
Icon leg.png Leg
Icon money.png Money
Icon weird stone.png Odd Stone
Icon ear.png Partly Digested Ear
Icon partly digested finger.png Partly Digested Finger
Icon Partly Digested Nose.png Partly Digested Nose
Icon pear.png Pear
Icon scissors.png Scissors
Icon shiny stone.png Shiny Stone
Icon - spray can.png Spray Can
Icon light armor.png Sweater (the apartment)
Icon - towel.png Towel

Cut Items[]

Main article: Cut Content

Cut items existed in previous versions of the game. Some of them may still be found in specific locations, but this is likely a developer oversight, as the items have often been replaced by others and no longer have a use.


Icon recipe.png Antidote Recipe
Icon apple.png Apple
Bible passage.png Bible Passage
Icon key.png Big Farm Key
Icon bloodied hat.png Bloodied Hat
Bloody Journal
Icon bucket.png Bucket
Icon gas mask.png Gas Mask
Icon gray potion.png Gray Potion
Icon recipe.png Hotbar Upgrade Recipe
Icon recipe.png Inventory Upgrade Recipe
Icon key2.png Key to the Cottage
Icon recipe.png Lantern Recipe
Icon large odd mushroom.png Large Odd Mushroom
Icon recipe.png Light Armor Recipe
Icon map.png Map (Old)
Icon map.png Map (Swamp Village)
Icon pellet.png Pellet
Icon pellet gun.png Pellet Gun
Icon recipe.png Pellet Gun Recipe
Icon red potion.png Red Potion
Icon toolbox.png Repair Kit
Icon key2.png Small Key to a Stash
Icon warm blanket.png Warm Blanket
Icon radio.png Weird Radio