Janek is a minor character in Darkwood.

The Chicken Lady's brother. He attacks the protagonist in the Prologue, after the locked door to the upperlefternmost room in the Doctor's House is opened. His house is in The Village, in the northeastern corner.

He drops the Plastic Chick, which the Chicken Lady recognizes as belonging to him. According to the Musician, 'Mr. Janek' had an obsession with the town well. An entrance to the tunnel system underneath the well can be found in his house, so this claim was presumably true.

Upon visiting the Doctor's House for the second time, the player can find his dead body in the room where Janek is first found.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Alpha 7.0, the Dog Tag fullfilled the story item role that is now occupied by the Plastic Chick.
  • Janek is possibly a Veteran of the second world war, as a Dog Tag is found in his house.