Janek's House
Janek's House.jpg
Village (Forest)
Type Major Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Chicken Eggs
Dog Tag
Key Covered in Chicken Feces
Plastic Chickens
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Janek's House is a major location in the Silent Forest Village and the home of the deceased Janek who appeared in Darkwood's Prologue. It can only be accessed by going through the Village Well, where the player will emerge inside the house, from the large hole in the floor.

Visiting this house is necessary to retrieve the Key Covered in Chicken Feces which is required to advance the story of either Wolfman or the Musician.

The house is first mentioned by the Musician, who believes that a spare key to the Pretty Lady's room can be found inside. The house does indeed include said key as well as a Dog Tag and various other randomized bits of loot. It's necessary to retrieve the key in particular to continue with Darkwood's story.

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

The wardrobes in the second room contain two story items: The Dog Tag and the Plastic Chickens.

The Key Covered in Chicken Feces can be found in the third room, with the large carpet, on a shelf.

There are also several Chicken Eggs in various containers in this house, and a couple of Odd-Looking Mushroom in some corners.

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