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{{Quote|I don't know this part of the forest too well. I need to be careful. They say "fortune favors the prepared"... Maybe I should check the underground passage first? It's marked on my map, after all. That damned door better be open.}}
{{Quote|I don't know this part of the forest too well. I need to be careful. They say "fortune favors the prepared"... Maybe I should check the underground passage first? It's marked on my map, after all. That damned door better be open.}}
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Alert majorThis article contains major spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 1

First page of the journal

"...into these damned savages, everything should go smoothly."

12th September 1987

"I don't remember anything since the attack on our camp. Somehow I'm wearing a coat, so I must've changed my clothes on my way here. I don't recognize myself anymore. I can barely hold this pencil. Has my body changed? I no longer feel hunger or thirst. What has happened to me? "

Key to underground #21

"I remember his face. The face of the man who saved me, then held me captive. I don't know how I managed to escape his hut and end up here. What I do know is that the insane fucker took my key. My only chance to get out of the woods. He also tore out all the pages from my journal. I doubt that he was able to learn the location of the underground passage, though (I should check if the door is still locked, just to be sure). I must find him. I don't think he still lives in the same place where he held me. Makes no difference, as I have no idea how to get back to that vile place"

Drawing big3.


"I need to get back to my hideout before nightfall. Wandering here at night is too risky. The forest exhibits increased activity after dark. Only the protective gas in my hideout can provide me with relative safety."

The Shadows

After the player has picked the Shadows.

"It was a rotten, strange night... Shadowy silhouettes emerged from the corners of my hideout. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me in the dark, but I'm certain I've seen something. If they come back, I should keep close to the light."

Act1 shadows.

Undeground passage

After the player has interacted with the Armored door

"The armored door in the underground passage is closed. It hasn't been opened in around two weeks. The thief who took my key apparently does not know how to find the passage. Good. I, on the other hand, have no idea where to find the thief. Not so good."

Act1 undergroundLocked.


After the player has talked to Piotrek.

"Now I've heard everything. I've met a boy named Piotrek. He told me he's building a rocket, but he's missing some parts.... From what I've understood he's constructing a rocket from parts of a broken tractor. It's absurd, but I think I may help him."

Act1 piotrek.

The Wolfman's path

The Wolf

After the player has talked to the Wolfman for the first time.

"My mind must be going. If I'm not delusional, the man whom I met... had the head of a wolf. He told me he will help me get the key back, I just need to get through to the other side of the forest. I am to meet him in the (...) part of the Silent Forest. I should explore the surroundings before venturing forth. I do not wish to act too hastily."

Act1 wolfWelcome.

The Wolf - hideout

If the player hasn't found the Wolfman's hideout in the Dry Meadow on the first day.

"The Wolf's hideout is in the (...) part of the Dry Meadow."

The Wolf's offer

After the player has talk to the Wolfman in the Silent Forest.

"The Wolf has asked me to bring him the key to the locked room in the house of the "hag that reeks of chickens". In exchange for this favor he will help me retrieve my key. A key for a key - seems quite fair... I shall find the hag in the village in the {0} edge of Silent Forest."

The key for the Wolf

If the player gives him the Key Covered in Chicken Feces.

"I decided to give the key to the Chicken Lady's room to the Wolf. As agreed, he told me that I will find the doctor in the (...) part of Old Woods. Unfortunately, the doctor doesn't let anyone in. I will need to find a way to "make an appointment". "

Chicken head

"The Wolf gave me a dismembered chicken head. He told me to give it to the Chicken Lady as a thank you for the... "wonderful sister". I don't know what he means by that, but it can't be good"

The Wolf's disappearance

"The Wolf didn't want to talk to me anymore. He grunted that he had something urgent to take care of and rushed off. If this wolfbrain thinks that he will get rid of me so easily, then he's mistaken. He mentioned he'll be staying in the (...) part of Old Woods. This is where I will find my "companion"."

Return to the doctor's house

After the player has talked to him in the Wolfman's Hideout.

"The Wolf told me he could take me to the doctor's house... which seems to be the place where that fucker kept me and stole my key. Supposedly I'll find a clue there on how to get to his current hideout. Maybe I'll learn what precisely went down that night. To this day I have no idea how I managed to escape..."

The Chicken Lady

Chicken Lady's brother

After the player has shown her the Plastic Chick.

"The old lady who lives with chickens told me the plastic chick belongs to her brother, who went missing a few days ago. She gave me a photo of the person she saw him last with. It's the local Doctor. I recognize the fucker."

Act1 baba

Chicken Lady's despair

If the player follows the Wolf's path.

"The Chicken Lady is desperate. Her sister is missing. She pleaded me to help her. Maybe I'll manage to find a lead."

Bloody shawl

After the player has found the Pretty Lady's corpse.

"I've found the Chicken Lady's sister... or at least what's left of her. Unfortunately, not much. I should probably give this shawl to the old lady..."

Map to the doctor's house

After the player has shown her the Bloodstained Shawl.

"I've shown the blood-soaked shawl to the Chicken Lady. She figured out what happened to to her sister, fell into despair and blamed the doctor. She left me a note with some instructions from him. The note contains a hint on how to reach his house. Time to get even."

Wolf's demand

If the player kills the Pretty Lady.

"Wolf has demanded that I kill the Chicken Lady to redeem myself after killing her sister."

Map to the doctor's house

After the player has killed the Chicken Lady.

"I've killed her. The Chicken Lady is dead. While going through her pockets, I've found a piece of paper with the doctor's scribblings... Looks like the path leading to his house is in the (...) edge of Old Woods."

Act1 baba killed doctorsNotes

The Musician's path

Strange boy

After the player has talked to the Musician for the first time.

"I met a boy in the village. He told me that the "Chicken Lady" keeps the "Pretty Lady" locked in her house. The boy really wants to see her, but the old woman won't allow it. He asked me to find the key to her room. He will wait for me in his hideout in a grain silo, in the (...) part of Silent Forest"

Key to the Chicken Lady's locked room

"The boy revealed to me that I will find a spare key to the locked room in the Chicken Lady's house inside the village well. Sounds absurd, but it's the only lead I have."

Local doctor's photo

If the player has shown him the Photo of the Doctor.

"The boy with the violin recognized the local doctor on the photo given to me by the Chicken Lady. He claims he's a good man. He was supposedly helping the villagers. He helped me too, and then he snatched my fucking key."

The key for the boy

If the player gives him the Key Covered in Chicken Feces.

"I decided to give the key to Chicken Lady's room to the little boy. He thanked me and asked me to bring him his mom's violin (it's hidden behind the wardrobe). He's afraid to go himself, as his parents are supposedly angry with him. He gave me a card to present to his mother as an apology. The parents' house can be found in the (...) part of Old Woods. When I bring him the violin, he will get me an appointment with the doctor. He damned better."

Act1 musician questKeyEnd

Doctor's appointment

After the player has given him the Violin

"The boy sure was happy to see the new violin. Time to visit the doctor. The bastard resides in an abandoned train in the (...) part of Old Woods. Perhaps I shall finally get back what's mine. The kid also told me I should visit him in his parent's home someday."

The Doctor

Doctor's house

After the player has found the Doctor's House.

"I've explored the doctor's house. It's a complete ruin. Now I know that what seemed like nightly terrors is very real. I still don't know how I escaped this place. I suspect someone must've carried me out."

Note with a code

After the player has picked up the Code.

"I've found some Code in the doctor's house... I don't know what it's for, but I hope it opens the door to his current hideout."

Found the doctor

If the doctor is spared.

"I've found the doctor. I've agreed to help him escape the woods. We are to meet by the door inside the underground passage. I hope I won't regret it..."

The doctor is dead

"I fucking killed him. Now I just need to grab the key from his foul corpse. Then I can get the hell out of here."

Found the key

If the player kills the Doctor.

"I've found the key! Now I can open the armored door in the underground passage. Damn this fucking forest."

The underground door

If the player follows the Musician's path and gets killed in the Train Wreck dream.

"Looks like I've revealed the location of the underground entrance to the doctor. He must've had drugged me. Fuck this. I must reach it before him, if I am to have any chance of escaping this accursed place."

Chapter 2

Underground tunnel

Through the underground tunnel

"I've managed to walk a few good kilometers through the underground tunnels, but further passage is blocked by growing roots. Despite this I feel that I'm closer to my destination."

The way home

"While in the underground passage, I met a peculiar man. He acted strangely, blabbered about a "talking" tree which emerged on a path to some house in the village... I need to investigate it."

The doctor has fled

"The doctor has escaped. So be it. He would only be a hindrance anyway."

The Swamp hideout

The Swamp

"I've finally got out of the tunnels. The hatch sealed itself shut behind me. I am now at the swamp, in an abandoned hideout."

Act2 swamp.

Broken compressor

"I found a broken compressor used to fill up oxygen tanks."

Old Journal

"I found an abandoned journal in the swamp hideout. I've managed to mark the "village with the tree" on the map thanks to it."

Spare parts for the compressor

"The old journal also included information about a cottage located near the junkyard. According to the notes, I will be able to find some spare compressor parts there. They might come in handy."

The radio

"The radio in my hideout is emitting a strange signal. I have a weird feeling someone is trying to communicate with me."


"I found a junkyard. Maybe I can find something of value here."


The Snail

"I found a cottage crushed by an enormous snail. It turned out that it can speak. It begged me to "cut it loose"."

Act2 snail.

I freed the Snail

"The Snail was paralysed by some live tissue, sort of an... umbilical cord attached to the nearby tree. I managed to destroy it. It should be able to leave in peace now. Crawl away... or something."

Snail's cottage

"I managed to get inside the Snail's cottage. I walked into a gruesome scene - a body covered in roots and notes about strange radio signals. The author of the notes suspected that the signals may originate from an overturned radio tower. Maybe I should investigate it..."

The Swamp village


"I've found a map with the word "Holes!" on it. It may be worth checking out."

The Cripple

"I met a crippled old man in the flooded village. He's the last living inhabitant there. He begged me to destroy the talking tree."

Destroying the talking tree

"He claims I first need to get to the cellar located near the tree. That's how I will find its roots, which I need to burn. According to him it's the only way to get rid of this abomination. An advice from a blind, deaf old man with no legs is the only lead I have so far. It's not much, but I've grown accustomed to it."

Cellar under the tree

"I found the cellar under the tree. Unfortunately, it's completely flooded. I won't be able to progress any further, and it looks the flooded corridor is the only way out."

Oxygen tank

"The old man advised me to find the "Elephants" and obtain an oxygen tank from them. It will help me pass the flooded cellar corridor. Supposedly they live in the (...) part of the Swamp."

The Swamp cottage

Request to fix the generator

"I stumbed upon a cottage inside the swamp. It's firmly barricaded from all sides. A woman who lives there told me that she'll let me in if I fix her generator. "

A family in oxygen masks

"I met a family living inside the barricaded cottage in the swamp - a woman and two kids. Their faces are hidden behind gas masks. The woman claims the air inside the woods is poisoned. They rely on the oxygen tank for breathing."

Act2 elephants.

The lost son

"The woman in the gas mask, probably the mother, has asked me to find her son. He went to see "the granny about the mushrooms". The woman has given me the key to her son's room. Perhaps I'll be able to find something that will help me locate the kid."


"Something happened in the local junkyard in the (...) part of the Swamp."

Primitive map

"I found a primitive map in the masked family's cottage. One of the kids must've drawn it. It's very inaccurate, almost scrawled. Looks like the kid wanted to indicate some place using it... I've circled the area where that place should be on my map."

The old shed

Elephant shed

"I reached a shed near the Elephants' cottage. Inside I found a decaying corpse and a lot of equipment. They probably found it in the woods. There are some oxygen tanks here. Empty ones. I may be able to fill them with oxygen using the compressor."

Old journal

"I found an old journal in the Elephants' cottage. Looks like it was written by one of ours. One of the notes mentions a radio tower and some downward passage... It might be worth investigating. According to the notes, the radio tower is located in the (...) edge of the Swamp. "

The Mushroom Granny's quest

Mushroom Granny

"I met an old lady in a cottage overgrown with bizarre mushrooms. In fact she was no less strange than her house. No less strange than anything here..."

Act2 mushroomGranny.

The boy lives with the Mushroom Granny

"The old lady told me that a child visited her a couple of days ago and that it's still here. She's allowed me to take the boy back to his mother, provided that he agrees to go with me."

Favor for the Mushroom Granny

"The Mushroom Granny maintains that there are some starving villagers that plan to eat her. She will let me take the boy only after I've taken care of them. However, she was unable to tell me where they live. She advised me to look around her cottage. Maybe I'll be able to find some clues there."

Starving villagers

"I think I've managed to get rid of the starving villagers."

Weird rhyme

"The boy kept reciting this rhyme:
"One little bear ate a bowl of soup,
Then another bear came and there were two,
Four little bears made a sudden pow!
Along came the fifth and took a little bow."

The boy returns to the family

"I took the boy back to his family."

Oxygen tank

"I received an oxygen tank from the masked woman. Unfortunately it's empty... I may be able to fill it using the compressor."

Talking tree

The talking tree

"I encountered a talking tree. It's monstrous roots block my way back. I saw human figures... grown into its bark and branches. One of them tried to tell me something, but the words drowned in the other voices..."

Act2 talkingTree.

The Tree burns

"I set the roots in the cellar on fire. The fire consumed the talking tree in its entirety. Even now I can still hear it screaming... Seems like the cripple was right. The Tree is enormous and it will probably continue burning throughout the night. I will return here tomorrow."

Act2 burningTree.


"It worked. Only ashes remain of the Tree. I feel I'm approaching the end of my journey. Is it possible?"

The radio tower

Radio tower

"I found an old, overturned radio tower. The civilian radio equipment still works. Strange."

Only one shot

"I've found a floodgate in the tunnel. I'm afraid I will only have one shot of getting further down the passage. I feel it will lead me to the right place."

Another underground passage

"I've managed to descend into an underground tunnel. I feel I'm approaching the end of my journey. Is it possible?"


  • An entry from the older versions:

The Silent Forest

"I don't know this part of the forest too well. I need to be careful. They say "fortune favors the prepared"... Maybe I should check the underground passage first? It's marked on my map, after all. That damned door better be open."

Act1 forest.
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