Journal from the Radio Tower #2
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Radio Tower - Backpack
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The Journal from the Radio Tower #2 can be found inside the Radio Tower building, in a backpack.

It describes how a group of men, presumably the Outsiders, defended themselves at the radio tower against attacks from villagers and savages:

"We haven't slept again. Another madman came here at night, the second one this month. He jumped over the fence and tried to ram the door with his head. I shot him in the ass with the tranquilizer. Today we're going to transport him outside.
Since that accursed tree appeared in the village, an increasing number of savages roam around our hideouts. How do they know about us? They're psychos, they can barely talk. The villagers in our sector still have no clue what's going on (it's been 10 years or so). But when they lose it, all they need to do is go into the woods, put some mud on their face and they come sniffing.
Stefan told me that in the neighboring sector the wild ones appear mainly in the vincinity of the hideout located near the tunnel entrance. I don't think it's a coincidence."

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