Junkyard Icon junkyard.png
Type Major Location
Characters Doctor
Creatures Glare
Human Spider
Notable loot Compressor Parts
Axe Blade
Weapon Parts
Long Barrel
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The Junkyard is a location in the Swamp biome. The Protagonist must travel there in order to find Compressor Parts, in order to fix the Compressor in Swamp Hideout

It is a maze-like place composed of large piles of scrap, that can be dug for items. Digging a junk pile requires a Shovel with a condition of at least 50%, which will be drained from it upon digging. The Compressor Parts Location Map can be used to locate loot in each junk pile.

If Piotrek is killed or the player does not finish his quest in chapter 1, the Junkyard will be a very dangerous place, as its tight environment difficults combat as well as escaping from the Creatures that dwell there.

If you gave Piotrek all of the components he needed to build his rocketship, his corpse can be found here, inside the ruins of his rocketship.

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