Icon lantern

I need to have it on me for it to provide light.
Rare random loot
Item Type Light Source
Item Types
Value 100
Max. Stack Can be combined
Crafting 2x Icon bottle 0.2x Icon gasoline 2x Icon rag
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Healing {{{heal}}}
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Notes Passively lights a circle around the Protagonist. Must be placed in the hotbar. Suffers durability loss over time. Cannot be repaired.

20-22 min

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The Lantern is a light source in Darkwood. It's the only passive light source in the game, activated as long as it's on the hotbar. It emits a warm glow around the Protagonist, much like a torch.

Lanterns are disposable. They cannot be re-used or repaired but can be combined, and once their durability expires, they vanish from the inventory.

Lanterns do not work during the Shadows night event.

Strategy Edit

Lanterns are useful when exploring a dark location in daytime, as unlike handheld light sources, the Protagonist can also wield a proper weapon.

Despite its ineffectiveness against Shadows, having a lantern is also handy during the night, in case of an Earthquake night event or a Banshee's scream knocking out all the lights nearby.

Trivia Edit

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