"You are one ugly bastard. I guess you got what you deserved."


The Mirror is something like a major character in Darkwood.

It could be best described as the distorted reflection of the Protagonist in a broken mirror. The mirror can be found and talked to in the small building behind the Pig Shed.

Trivia Edit

  • A line from the Alpha 1.1 changelog hinted towards the Mirror being added. The line reads: "You can now... talk to yourself."
  • From what can be glimpsed in the Mirror's image, the Protagonist seems to wear a brown coat and a big rimmed hat, with a partially hidden face.
  • There are some references to the protagonist having a disfigured face, either from some sort of purposeful mutilation or from the plague that is corrupting the forest (e.g. Wolfman: "...Just remember to hide that disaster of a face." after showing him the Invitation.)
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