Molotov Cocktail
Icon molotov cocktail
Spawns randomly as loot in crates and wardrobes.
Item Type Throwable Weapon
Item Types
Value 25
Max. Stack 3
Crafting 1x Icon alcohol 1x Icon matchstick 1x Icon rag

1x Icon bottle 0.5x Icon gasoline 1x Icon matchstick 1x Icon rag

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The Molotov Cocktail is a common, single-use throwable weapon that can be crafted. It can also be found as loot in crates and wardrobes.

Molotov Cocktails explode and inflict burning damage upon the target and usually affect a large area. They are generally considered powerful weapons, especially useful against multiple enemies, like Banshee Babies or Camps, or to clean up infestations of Worms.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes when the hideout's door is knocked during the night, the player can find a usable molotov left on the doorstep by an unknown benefactor.

Gallery Edit

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