Mushroom Field Icon mushroom field.png
Dry Meadow
Silent Forest
Old Woods
Type Minor Location
Creatures Mushroom Man

Poisonous Mushrooms

Notable loot Odd-Looking Mushroom
Notes Mushroom Fields, as seen in-game.
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The Mushroom Fields are minor locations in Darkwood found in Dry Meadow, Silent Forest and Old Woods. They are zones with a significant amount of poisonous mushrooms and are marked on the Player Map with an illustration of a single mushroom.

Careful navigation through the harmful mushrooms to the middle of a field leads the player to several harvestable mushroom clusters, yielding up to three Odd-Looking Mushrooms.

At least one Mushroom Man will generally be 'sleeping' somewhere within each field from Silent Forest onwards; when inactive they make the same sounds as a sleeping Red Chomper.

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