Mushroom Glade Icon mushroom glade.png
Mushroom Glade.png
Type Major Location
Characters Mushroom Granny
Creatures Mushroom Man
Notable loot Mushroom Granny Key
Note (Marcinek's Drawings)
Single Shot Shotgun
Bloodstained Rock
Cigarette Pack
Key on a Keyring
Notes Bring plenty of Antidote.
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The Mushroom Glade is a major location in Darkwood.

The area is a large, maze like sprawling grey mass. As the name suggests, mushrooms are everywhere. As of Alpha 8.0 the Rubber Boots cannot be used to traverse the area safely. Some petrified Villagers can be found around the area, just barely alive, conversing about some interesting things.

In the middle of the Mushroom Glade a house can be found. Inside this house is a Mushroom Man, an NPC called Mushroom Granny, and behind a locked metal door another NPC called Child. The Child, whose name is Marcinek, is necessary for the Elephants quest, and is necessary to advance the story. Various loot can be found stashed around the house.

The original Mushroom Granny's house can be found in the village that has a floral doormat and can be unlocked by taking the Key on a Keyring found in her house.

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