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|notes = Hides among [[Mushrooms]]. Explodes.
|notes = Hides among [[Mushrooms]]. Explodes.
|distance = Low
|distance = Low
|health = Super low
|health = Very low
|speed = Medium
|speed = Medium
|damage = High}}
|damage = High
|release= Alpha 8}}
'''Mushroom Men''' are [[Creatures#Aggressive creatures|aggressive creatures]] in ''Darkwood''.
'''Mushroom Men''' are [[Creatures#Aggressive creatures|aggressive creatures]] in ''Darkwood''.

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Mushroom Man
Mushroom man icon
Silent Forest
Old Woods
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Odd Meat
Health Very low
Running Speed Medium
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Low
Damage High
Notes Hides among Mushrooms. Explodes.
Release Alpha 8

Mushroom Men are aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

The Mushroom Man appears to be a human with several fungal growths sprouting from its head and shoulders. It ambushes the player by hiding as normal poisonous mushrooms, only showing itself when the player is near.

If the player gets close enough, they can hear a growling noise. The mushroom man will then pull itself out of the ground and charge at the player, exploding once reaching them in melee range, dealing heavy damage to anything close and killing itself in the process.

If the Mushroom Man doesn't manage to catch the player after awhile, it will explode on the spot.


  • The Mushroom Man gives the player a relentless chase. Explodes near instantly if gets close enough to the player.
  • The Mushroom Man, upon taking damage at range, explodes after a short delay.


  • Engaging Mushroom Men in melee is very dangerous. Always keep a ranged weapon at the ready when expecting Mushroom Men.
  • You can run for a little and the Mushroom man will explode.


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