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Mushrooms are a type of Interactive scenery which can be found in clusters on the map. Stepping on any mushroom patch will cause poisoning. There are several types of mushroom patches, each with their own characteristics, listed below:

Poisonous Mushrooms Edit

Poisonous mushrooms are clusters of small, pale white mushrooms which cannot be harvested. These mushrooms spawn all across the map, including in a minor location in all Chapter 1 biomes, where an entire field is littered with them.

Poisonous Mushrooms (Harvestable) Edit

These reddish mushrooms appear in pulsating clusters. They appear in pre-determined places in various locations, and can be harvested for an Odd-Looking Mushroom.

Harvestable poisonous mushrooms may also spawn randomly spawn in the Hideout at night, causing a visual effect resembling moving and twirling lights. Harvesting them yields one Odd-Looking, Glowing Mushroom, more potent and valuable than its regular counterpart.

Large Mushrooms Edit

Large Mushrooms bear a very similar appearance to poisonous harvestable mushrooms, except that the patch is slightly larger. Mechanically they function almost identically: harvesting these patches yields an Odd-Looking Mushroom, though the harvesting process takes longer.

Trivia Edit

  • In older versions, harvestable mushrooms were also found randomly placed on the map.
  • As of Alpha 6.0, Mushroom patches glow slightly.
  • Several pieces of dialogue across the game suggest that a large portion of the Wood's inhabitants are suffering from addiction, either to the mushrooms themselves or to the Essence that can be extracted from them.
  • Since Alpha 10 and onwards, it's possible to "disarm" mushroom patches from a safe distance by throwing items such as Stones at them, causing the mushrooms to burst.
  • Large Mushrooms, in previous builds, yielded a Large Odd Mushroom when harvested. This item has since been scrapped.
  • The Rubber Boots are useful to clear out patches in areas where the player runs through often, as stepping on a patch with them equipped negates the poisoning.

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