This page lists noteworthy villagers of the Swamp Village that do not have enough information to warrant an article of their own.

Zocha Edit

Zocha is a character mentioned in Chapter 2.

She is presumably the wife or maybe daughter of the Cripple, and is now probably a part of the Talking Tree.

She is said by the Cripple to be calling out to him, like the others, which is slowly driving him insane.

The Thief Edit

The Thief is a character mentioned in Chapter 2.

According to dialogue with the Cripple, he was the father of seven sons. After a plague hit the Darkwood zone, the Thief's wife left with four of his sons, while he stayed in the Swamp Village with the remaining three. At some point, the Thief stole food rations from the other villagers, which prompted them to kill him and exile his sons. The game doesn't, however, specifically state that the Thief is killed.

His house can be found close to the back of the Swamp Village, with the words "Thief" scrawled all over the floor. The A Photo of Three Boys can be found there.

He is also the husband of the Elephants' mother and the son-in-law of Mushroom Granny. One of his other four children are dead by the time the Protagonist reaches the Swamp, and another has run off to be with his grandmother.

The Three are the Thief's other three remaining sons. Dialogue with the Cripple reveals this to be true. Also, the ending of the game refers to them as the three outcasts, and the three boys were outcasts as well.

Józek Edit

Józek is another character mentioned only in Chapter 2.

He is mentioned on the list of supplies in the Swamp Village. The list confirms that Józek is dead, and that his potato supplies were taken by the remaining 26 villagers.

Jasiek Edit

According to the Cripple, Jasiek owned the house in the Swamp Village with the basement through which the Talking Tree's roots are accessed.

Jasiek is presumed dead by the time the events in Darkwood happened, either consumed by the Talking Tree or killed in a more mundane way.