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Cottage near the Junkyard - Wardrobe
Item Type Story Item
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Value 1
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The Note found by the Cottage near the Junkyard is a story item that shows the location of various loot in the Junkyard on a scribbled map. Most notably, it marks the scrap pile containing the Compressor Parts, which is a quest item required to progress further through the game.

The map on the note marks all of the junk piles on the Junkyard with letters and the text below describes their contents:

"A: bear trap, many nails and planks
B: some useful scrap metal
C: gun parts???
D: ropes, tapes, antlers?
E: some tools
F: scrap metal, an old compressor, clothes
G: broken axe, empty bottles
H: scrap metal, some fine quality clothing"

When visiting the Junkyard, several signs with letters on them can be seen on the ground. These letters correspond to the ones seen on this note.

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