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Swamp Hideout - Corpse
Item Type Story Item
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Value 1
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Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The Note found on a corpse in-between the Swamp Hideout's buildings marks the location of the Village (Swamp) and the Cottage near the Junkyard on the map.

The text on the note reads:

"Day 1, 1315 hours. The compressor is broken. So is the lock on the trapdoor leading to the underground (had to use a blowtorch). Fucking moisture.

Day 2, 1200 hours. We took 45 photos of the "tree" from the observation point in the vincinity of 3C. It grew twice its size in a month. Really quick, even for the local standards.

Day 2, 1520 hours. I'm slowly running out of oxygen. I've sent two men to search the nearby Junkyard. Maybe we won't have to go back for spare parts for the compressor.
Watch out for the Cottage near the Junkyard (marked building on the map). Someone could be living there.

Day 2, 1812 hours. At least 10 locals lurking between the trees. How do they know about us? We won't be able to gather our equipment in time. The risk of getting detected is too high. Need to evac."

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