Note about the Bundle of Roots
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Road to Home - Wardrobe
Item Type Story Item
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Value 1
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Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The Note about the Bundle of Roots is a story item found in the area northwest of the Road to Home, in a wardrobe right next to the Radio Tower Bunker's exit. Note that what is called "wardrobe" in-game looks more like a pile of sacks.

The note describes someones findings from researching the tree roots in Darkwood:

"The roots have made it impossible to dig further. Specialist tools will be needed if we are to go deeper.
The roots of individual trees intertwine to create bundles (braids) with the thickness of 120 centimeters. The ones we analyzed always grow towards the north-east. Taking into account the results from the dig sites from other regions, we can assume that the bundles come together in sector 0. We have accumulated about 5 litres of the substance that flows through the roots. As expected, it has lost its shapeshifting abilities after being disconnected from the root (from the stream, to be exact)."

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